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About Us

Hi y'all and welcome to Lucky Franklin! Lucky Franklin is a woman owned business based in the Dallas, TX area that focuses on slow made goods for people and pets. We currently offer graphic tees, sweatshirts, upcycled headbands and pet bandanas.

Who is behind Lucky Franklin, you might wonder?  My name is Sara and I'm the owner and co-founder of the company.  Lucky Franklin originally started back in 2013 when my friend Deirdre and I were working for the same cheerleading uniform manufacturing company.  Things weren't headed in a great direction for that company, so we thought, "Hey, you know what? We should start our own business!"  Our name was inspired by our pets, my family's dog was Lucky and Franklin is Deirdre's dog.  We started out in 2015 by selling animal and nature themed graphic tees on Etsy.  My original goal was to sell tees to raise money to start a clothing line.  Little did I know that the graphics tees would become the entirety of the business!  

From Etsy, we started doing craft shows and vendor markets all over the Dallas-Fort Worth area and in 2018, we joined an amazing store, Mosaic Makers Collective, located in the Bishop Arts neighborhood of Dallas, TX. Fast forward to 2020 and the pandemic, Lucky Franklin heavily focused on making high quality reusable face masks, which helped the business survive during a very difficult time and also allowed us to continue with our graphic tee collection.  At the end of 2020, Deirdre amicably left the company and it is now a one woman show!  

I am very excited for 2022, as big changes are coming to Lucky Franklin. As of the start of 2022, I will be discontinuing our graphic tee production to focus more on what is at my heart: sustainability and ethically made products.  Sewing, pattern making and apparel design are my background and my passion, and graphic tees have not been fulfilling this need. At the end of February of 2022, you will also no longer be able to find Lucky Franklin products at Mosaic Makers Collective in Dallas.  You can still purchase any in-stock graphic tees here on our site, but we will not be restocking.  My new direction for Lucky Franklin is focused on creating and designing, made to order, size inclusive apparel for women, coordinating bandanas for pets and one of a kind items hand crafted using upcycled materials and garments.

Thank you for joining me on this journey and I hope to continue to provide you with high quality products that have been made with care and consideration for both you and the environment.