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Handmade Skirts

image a of a white, blonde female model standing in a tree lined meadow with the sun softly backlighting her as she looks down. The model is a wearing a cottagecore aesthetic outfit: a white flowy linen button down top, paired with a high waisted midi length skirt and wide belt. The skirt is one-of-a-kind made from vintage cotton materials and is mainly a blue cotton windowpane plaid paired with a white daisy lace
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image of a size small female model standing in a meadow wearing a sunhat, smocked sleeveless top and a handmade vintage textile skirt.  The midi skirt features a pastel pink, green and blue cabbage rose floral design and has an elastic waist and ruffled hem.
image of a size small female model standing in a treelined field of flowers wearing a romantic off the shoulder puff sleeve top paired with a one-of-a-kind ruffled midi skirt made from upcycled vintage materials.  The skirt has a bright, colorful retro floral print paired with a small peach and white gingham check for the ruffle.
image of a plus size female model standing in front of a field of wildflowers wearing a casual cottagecore inspired outfit.  The model is wearing a secondhand tee paired with a one-of-a-kind skirt made from vintage materials.  The skirt has a vibrant 60s floral print paired with a peach and white mini gingham check.
image of a colorful floral and plaid cottagecore aesthetic skirt hanging in front of a white background.  The skirt is made from 100% cotton materials and features a bright floral print paired with a red and white gingham check or plaid.
image of a gathered elastic waist skirt hanging on a white wall.  the skirt is made up of two textiles.  the main body of the skirt is made from a vintage tablecloth that is white printed with red strawberries and green leaves.  the border of the skirt is made from a small red and white gingham check.
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image a of a midi length skirt hanging in front of a white wall.  The skirt is sustainably made from 2 one of a kind vintage textiles.  The main skirt fabric is a red, pink and green diamond pattern floral print.  The trim of the skirt is a mini gingham check in light pink and white.
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Looking to upgrade your wardrobe with unique and sustainably made pieces?  Our beautifully crafted handmade skirts are the perfect addition to any cottagecore lovers wardrobe.  We design our skirts using environmentally friendly materials like upcycled, one-of-a-kind vintage fabrics and OEKO-TEX printed cottons.   We also offer the option to get coordinating accessories for both you and you pet, so be sure to ask us about bundling with our upcycled headband and reversible pet bandana options.