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Cat Lady Collection

flat lay image of a heather deep teal color unisex t-shirt with a white, whiskery cat face design
Adult crewneck tee in a navy speckled fabric that says cats are my fav in a chunky white font.  The navy fabric is flecked with red, green and yellow threads.  The tee is photographed flat on an off-white textile backdrop and has been tied into a knot at the hem.
flat lay image of a bella and canvas unisex tee in heather raspberry screen printed with a white script font that says cat mom
mini handmade pennant ornament featuring a black cotton canvas fabric printed with gold cactus
flat lay image of a 100% cotton Alternative Apparel tee in red that says Meowy Christmas in a white chunky font
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flat lay of Happy Cat boxy cut Bella and Canvas sponge fleece sweatshirt in mustard yellow on a white textile background
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Handmade premium 100% cotton reusable fabric face mask pleated with adjustable elastic in taco and heart print
image of a top knot style headband shown in front of a white background. the headband is sustainably handmade from cotton fabric scraps in a color cat themed print.  the colors in the cat print are magenta, teal, aqua, yellow and orange.
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image of a top knot styled handmade headband in front of a white background.  Sustainably made from 100% cotton fabric scraps the print features boho white jaguars and yellow, pink and coral rainbows on a dark purple background.